Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Long, Summer!

I really can not stand the summer months!  Its too hot, too sunny, and too boring for the kids.  I lovingly look forward to September every year.  It is my official start to Autumn.  My favorite.  Without fail, I ease into September like stepping into my favorite pair of jeans(which now, sadly, have a hole in the ass).  It doesn't hurt that school starts up again, either!  Hubs decided to take a few days off from the full time job to spend it with the kids before they head back.  I love him.  Today is the first day of his long weekend, and I feel relaxed already.  Even David seems calmer this morning.
 I feel like we've been stuck in this house since June.  We take a trip down to my parents' house once a week for dinner, and we made it over to my aunt's house once or twice.  Throw in a few sleepovers, and that's been our summer.  I'm almost embarrassed when people ask the kids how their summer has been.  Honestly, its been shitty!  LOL  We don't have a pool and we can't afford day all David can do is stare blankly when the question is asked.  I am determined to try and give them a better summer next year.  Even if we do only stay home, I have GOT to come up with a way to make it less boring.  I realize that there is only so much that I can do, but I promise...I'll try harder next year!  

On a Dup15q note, we were stunned this passed weekend to learn that Fen Li, from Bead Flora and Jewels decided to donate a portion of her proceeds to the Dup15q Alliance!  She even threw in free shipping for the weekend to sweeten the deal!  My sister "met" Fen back when she was planning her wedding.  Fen HAND BEADED all of my sister's bouquets.  They were(and still are) exquisite!  Marie and Fen have since become friends, and dear, sweet Fen, hearing of Emily's diagnosis kindly "paid it forward".  I am deeply touched.

So on a sappy note, I'll leave you with a few pics of the kids that I snapped off yesterday.


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