Tuesday, March 30, 2010

free river raft rides...BYOT

(bring your own tube)  this rain is nuts!!  we've gotten more rain in the last few months than we ever gotten in the almost 6 years that we've lived here!  i will not get into long winded details, but the short story is this: 

 the previous home owner also owned the house in the back of the property-which he later sold.  there is an easement on our property for the dirt driveway to the house in the back...there was a pipe installed under the dirt driveway coming out in the middle of our front yard(can not figure out his logic for placement of said pipe), for drainage.  the flow from this pipe has gotten worse with each passing year that we have lived here.  its not the town's problem, we already checked.  house in back's owner continues to build up his driveway to prevent flooding to his home--a good idea in theory, however, its making our problem worse.  hubs has spoken to him...HIB's owner thinks that we should rent expensive equipment, dig a drainage pipe under our driveway, install new pipe, and let it flow into the development's property(there are no homes directly next to us)then re pave our driveway.  so basically, he wants us to make it the development's problem...ummm, no--don't feel like gettin' sued, thanks.  

here is our fix:  two bags of cement to fill the pipe. 

he can worry about his drainage, we'll worry about ours. 

this is the geyser coming out of the pipe--sometimes there are two geysers(the other one forms @ the base of the tree, we think the roots may have grown through the pipe--so now we get two rivers)

rain, rain, go AWAY!



  2. Yikes! That seems crazy! We have had insane rain here too!

  3. Oh wow, that really does get messy! I hope the rain stops soon!