Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new day

i've been a bit of a crab apple lately...i'm sure it has NOTHING to do with everything i've been taking on! yes, that was sarcasm. i fell off the diet train again...i think i'm going on day 6 of not eating right or exercising. i'm annoying myself. its easy, i know what to do, now i have to do it. that was my attempt at a pep talk...maybe i should throw in an "i am worth it"? .

i'm attempting to sew from my first actual patterns. this is proving to be a challenge for me. i love sewing from all of the lovely tutorials out there in blog land! there are plenty of colorful pics and step by steps. a mccall's pattern , however, not so much. so i fudged up my first one(its a gift for my sissy's bridal shower, so i cannot share yet.) as a result, i had to end up ordering more fabric--not happy about that one-at all! while i await my next round of fabric for project #1, i moved onto project #2, an easter dress for emily. its a simple tiered dress...much like the last 2 skirts i've made for her. except, apparently i have a hard time following directions when they are in black and white. i managed to finally cut out and sew the first pieces together. the top part leaves something to be desired though. i may end up re doing it...then again, she'll be wearing a sweater--most of it will be hidden anyway ;o)

hubs got home from the firehouse last night, and i explained to him my dieting woes, and sewing troubles...and how i planned on remedying both situations. he turned to me and said "you blow me away". pardon me? i'm totally having some depressing moments here, and i blow you away?!(i didn't really say that) i was floored. i did manage to ask him why? he told me that he is amazed at how i am teaching myself to sew, and how i problem solve to come up with solutions. he also told me that he loves my body--that i believe...i've been getting extra hugs lately :o)

i woke up with a new outlook today. wow, he knows exactly what to say, exactly when i need to hear it! i will take the dieting thing one day at a time, and not punish myself for what i did the day before. i will take my time with sewing--rome wasn't built in a day...and these projects won't be either! i vacuumed the house, washed some curtains and rugs, gave david his bath and i think we'll head down to target for a new storage shelf for the laundry room.

to you hubby, i're not too shabby yourself :o*



  1. Oh I heart that hubs of yours for saying that to you!

  2. What a sweet husband you have!

    That dress will be so cute when you finish it! Don't rush yourself, you'll only get frustrated and you won't be able to build your confidence in your sewing abilities.

  3. Awww, what an awesome hubby you have! That was totally sweet. My hubby just says something like "shut up" whatever.
    I think you are totally awesome too! And what is UP with it being so dang easy to gain weight and so dang HARD to lose it?

  4. Your hubby is a sweetie. Isn't it amazing when all they see is the beauty within us.
    Good Luck on your first McCall's pattern. I am in my first WIP with my McCall's pattern and it is a dress too. My sewing instructor said for this being my first pattern (and it is an "easy" one) she says it has challenges for a newbie, but, she has faith in me (thank goodness) LOL

    If you need any help or have any questions, I can forward them to her.

    Good Luck!!