Monday, March 15, 2010

mommy moment mondays


can i only pick ONE moment from the past week?! ok, ok...i'll keep it simple. for the scum-teenth time this past week, i had to clean up a poopy son. omg, what is with boys?! ok, his defense...with emily's delays-its possible that she may have engaged in this type of behavior(after all, my mom keeps reminding me how i used to play in the toilet...thanks mom) anyhoodle, i'll set the scene...

david is sleeping like an angel...for nearly 2 1/2 hours...bliss. not sure what i was doing...for arguments sake, let’s just say i was being productive(even though i was probably sitting on the couch under a blanket..shhh.). it was quiet...too all of the times before. seriously...i have not learned my lesson yet. finally hearing a little babbling...i climbed the stairs...smelling that familiar smell as soon as i got to the top. i didn't want to go in. sure enough...there he was...covered in poop...again.

my mommy strength kicked in and in the blink of an eye, i whirled him off to the tub, holding only two of his fingers. at least he was already naked, i didn't have to figure out how to peel his clothes off without smearing it any further. after his hosing off, he played for a bit. i think its all a part of his evil plan...playing in poop=a bath...he loves a good bath. punk.

he will have the cleanest sheets in town if he keeps this up! as i sit writing this, he is awake, in his doubt plotting his next move against me.

he's got trouble written all over that cute little face of his!


  1. I know what is it with kids and poop. Hear is my theory. They think that if you're not in that room ten seconds after there eyes open. Whether they have let you know that they're up or not. They then have the right to get even with you. And they're way of getting even is smearing poop everywhere. Luci's thing is when I walk in the room she smiles and laughs at me.

  2. ROFL, I would absolutely DIE! I'm telling you, even if he was in clothes I would have just hosed off the clothes before taking them off. Little stinker..and you wrote about it perfectly I laughed the whole time!
    Thanks for joining in!

  3. It would probably be wrong to hose him off outside, right?! LOL!

  4. That little face looks so innocent! I hope the poopy adventures end soon!

  5. We had some poopage this weeend too. no fun! But man with a cutie face like his you cant help but smile!

  6. Just love the innocent and purely contagious smile your Master Mind possesses! Such a cutie patoot!