Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring cleaning

nothing is more therapeutic than a little cleaning and organizing! i've been wanting to re organize the "pantry" in our laundry room for quite a while now. the "pantry" is a large metal rack with everything under the sun stuffed on it! canned goods, pasta, juice, platters, bake wear...everything! we seriously needs a better system! we never...and by never...i mean never, use the door that is in there. i think maybe we opened it once when we bought the house, just to make sure it opened. our house is very awkward. all of the "additions" were built when things didn't need to be up to yeah...the house is just weird in some spots! we don't use the here we come! they have a 5 tier metal rack on sale for $36.99--its MINE! i came home, put david down for his nap and busted that baby out of its box! "no tools needed" says the box. it lies, you do need a rubber mallet. ok, rubber mallet, check! i had it together in 20 minutes...then silly me had to drag it into the house. perhaps i should have measured. i was excited, sue me. after some fighting, then sweet talking, she was in and ready to be put to use! now, i neglected to take before pics, but picture everything you are about to see all crammed onto the silver

seeing the first pic also makes me realize that i need to restock the pantry! lol

i'm thinking i may bust out the easter decorations today.  i kind of skipped over st. patty's day this year...i'm a bad little irish girl!  i've also got some ideas for my bathroom closet...but i need some more shelving first! :o)

oh spring cleaning, i love you.


  1. Looks good...come do my house.

  2. I'm so glad you have the fever. Give me a shout when all is done and I will give you my address :)

  3. I really need to get into the hand of decorating for holidays. I just need to get stocked up on fun things to do that with first!

  4. While you share that fraction of creativity, how about throwing in some of your motivation? Dang girl! Looking good.