Tuesday, July 13, 2010

can't take the heat

no, really...i can't take it!  i HATE summer weather!!  i would so much rather be cold and get warm, than to be sticky and hot with no reief!  ok...we do have air condidtioners...but they give me a stiff neck and dry eyes...ok, enough complaining....

i have to go get emily new sneakers today!  its kind of a bummer when all she can wear are high top sneakers.  i(or my generous sissy) always order them on line, because most stores don't sell comfortable, supportive high tops.  i used to have to pass up all the cute little low tops!  that is, until emily's teacher sent home a note yesterday saying that they would like her to try low tops to give her ankle a little movement!  WOO HOO!  say no more!  i'm going to go with my mom, she offered to buy them for her.  we had planned on taking david, but hubby stayed home from work today.  his knee swelled up again...oh...i'm not sure that i've written about this yet...

hubs had been having trouble with his knee for a little while. he's always kneeling @ work, so we figured it was just from the stress he was putting on them.  until the day before my sister's wedding...he noticed that it was swollen...really swollen.  i made him go to the doctor.  he drained 20 CC's of fluid from it!!  the doc said it was the most fluid he's seen in a LONG time...great.  it also wasn't the right color to be a knee injury...even better.  some blood work later, and we discovered that hubs has Lyme disease.  fabulous.  he's on the routine meds, and will have his blood rechecked, but hubs did not get the warm fuzzies from his doc about it...lets face it, after some research, docs in NJ are trained to give robotic answers to your serious lyme questions.  fortunately, or unfortunately i should say, i have a friend that has chronic lyme...as well as her ENTIRE family!  all five of them have it!  she's been doing massive amounts of research--because she's good like that...and its really not as simple as some meds and blood work.  sigh.  so i myself will be doing some research, and most likely trying to find a lyme specialist that takes our insurance--and they're hard to come by...ugh.   oh, and the kids and i will surely have to be tested as well...joy.

so back to sneaker shopping...i'm going to ask hubs to stay home with david so i can have some time to myself.  david was a monster yesterday...mama needs a break!

in other news, kohls is having a contest to give 20 schools $500,000 through the kohls cares program!  you get 20 votes total, and can vote up to 5 times for one particular school. here is the link:

i would greatly appriciate it if you could stop over and share some of your votes with Special Childrens School!  thanks! <3


  1. OH no on hubs knee and the Lyme disease. That is a lot to drain too! I'll keep him in my prayers.

    Glad you got a little me time too, I know how it goes! Hanging in there darling!

  2. I can't believe how much fluid they took out of his knees. Poor guy!

    I hope the shoe hunt goes well!!!

    I'll go vote for your school choice now! :)

  3. See, now if I had read this post first, I would have known you already have a friend with lyme.

  4. I can not get my vote to go through. I keep trying, the other day and now. It tells me to like Kohls first but I already do. I'm trying to help!