Monday, July 19, 2010

nice weekend

i love my hubs...lyme and all! he stayed with the kids ALL day on saturday so i could teach my sister to use her sewing machine! i really hadn't planned on being gone all day, but time flies when you're having fun! we hemmed her curtains...then she washed them, and the backing melted together...perhaps we should have washed them first to save ourselves the time on hemming...but we tend to do things, curtains in the garbage, i brought over an apron pattern, and i showed her how to lay it out. at the end of the day, we got the whole bottom of the apron done! she was so proud of herself...and she should be--she did a great job! she is now just as in love as i am with sewing! we're thinking of starting a blog together detailing our sewing adventures! not sure when that will happen...but it will at some point!

mom and dad stopped up for a quick visit yesterday. with emily in school, we don't get to see them as much. i miss seeing my parents on a daily basis. just because i'm a mom, doesn't mean that i don't want to see them all the time too!

how is this for teamwork...hubs and i changed david's poopy diaper at 10:00 last night, and he never woke up!! love it.

i have to start taking more pictures! i don't even have anything to throw in this post! oh, i've got about a few things i'm loving this summer?

my new "summer curtains"  i'm thinking about making curtains for every season!  these were super easy!
sweet baby ray's barbecue sauce--any flavor, on anything!!
fruit salad...pretty much the only way i get fresh fruit in my mouth!
dunkin donuts blueberry coffee--iced or hot...num num!
last but, certainly not least...a glass of ginger ale with gooseberry patch's fruity slush cubes!!  hubby even likes this! 
Fruity Slush Mix(from Gooseberry Patch's More Gifts for Giving)
4c sugar
4c water
6 oz can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1/2 c lemon juice
46 oz can pineapple juice

combine sugar and water in a medium sauce pan; heat over medium low heat until sugar is dissolved.  add orange juice concentrate, lemon juice and pineapple juice; stir until blended.  fill 6-7 ice cube trays w/ mixture; freeze until firm.  remove cubes from trays and store in plastic bags in groups of 8-10 cubes.  freeze up to 6 months.  makes about 8 servings.

fill glass with frozen cubes; add ginger ale to cover.  let stand a few minutes and stir before serving.


  1. Those curtains are so cute! Jarod and I were at his Aunts and she had some like that and I told Jarod I wanted to make some... now that I see them again I really want to make them. I need to get back into sewing. I think it will have to wait until Fall though...

    I love me some SWEET BABY RAYS!!!

  2. I think seasonal curtains are an awesome idea! What a fun way to keep the house fresh and not boring!

  3. How fun for you and your sister to do that together!!!

    Sweet Baby Ray's is my favorite store bought BBQ sauce. I buy sweet and tangy!

  4. so first I'm like,,oh, how fun...what a great all I think about is ALL THAT YUMMY FOOD & DRINK!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! GET IN MY BELLY!

  5. I think I would love sewing too! I should give it a try. And, good job changing the diaper without waking the babe! Impressive.