Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lyme sucks

after having another 45 cc's of fluid drained off of his knee yesterday, its swollen again. oh, and he informed me that the first draining was nearly 60 cc's, not the 20 that i originally thought.

the orthopedic doc doesn't like that the fluid is still cloudy. after hubs told him that he didn't get the warm fuzzies from the primary care doc about the diagnosis, his ortho went above and beyond. he called a lyme specialist that he knows in the area, and was able to put him on stronger meds. we also will be making an appointment to see that specialist in two weeks...thank goodness, he happens to take our insurance!!

hubs called me this morning saying that he can barely walk on it. he doesn't want to leave work. he's upset. he knows that we need the money, but he also does have sick/vacation time. he's afraid that if he uses all his time up for the knee crap, that he won't be able to take time off for emily's next break in august. the lyme is not making this easy. i told him to talk to his boss and maybe he can put him behind a desk for today. his boss has seemed pretty understanding about it all.

i'm waiting for him to call me back to let me know the plan.

lyme disease--you can bite my ass, thanks.


  1. Oh Tina, I'm sorry. I have no idea about lyme, but I do read Cassandra's blog and she has it. she talks about it quite a bit, and even has a lyme disease blog, they are and I don't know if you already know her, but if not,may be a good friend to have!

  2. I had no idea how debilitating it was. I am so sorry!

  3. That is hard! I'm so glad you have each other, sounds like you are very supportive of each other. I love the phrase, bite my ass, by the way! I did a post once called, "Food Allergies Can Bite My Ass."!

  4. it can kiss mine too! so sorry to hear about this!