Monday, June 28, 2010

i am surviving summer break!

ok, so i don't have it as bad as some parents!  emily only has a two week break, other parents have to get through an entire summer of summer reading, sweltering heat, maybe a vacation, and that terrible monster-boredom! 

i was really on edge about this break.  i am basically on my own during the day.  my mom came up last monday (and will be here today too) because she has off.  and last thursday i took the kids to her house in the afternoon.  emily has shown so much anxiety with david that i was thinking she'd never have any kind of meaningful relationship with him until she was in her thirties.  it was seriously breaking my frustrated heart!  i'm happy--ecstatic even, to say that emily has made a HUGE turn around!  she has spent hours with david--with little to no tears--playing and walking around WITH david...instead of trying to be as far away from him as she could!  yesterday, she even skipped her nap because he wasn't napping with her.  ok, so that could have been a jealousy/spite thing, but i didn't care!  they played well for another 2 hours until dinner!  when she gets tired, she's over him...but hey, when i'm tired, i'm over him too!! lol  can't blame her there!!

they've been sharing a room now for over a week.  its going swimmingly!  we've had a few very minor bumps in the middle of the night.  i mean, these kids have two totally different sets of sleep habits.  they are really adjusting well, and can even get themselves back to sleep if one wakes the other up.  loving it.  loving having my room to myself again.  love that david can't wait for emily to wake up so he can play with her(although, i am "shushing him" all morning because emily likes to sleep a little later!!)!  did i mention that i LOVE it?!

she's not quite ready for kisses!!

we've all had colds for the last few days, so that's kind of sucked!  hubs is going to try to take a day or two off this week.  we'll try to go out and do something all together before emily heads back to school on friday!  kind of wierd to start on a friday...only to have monday off for the fourth of july.  any hoo.  i'm hoping for another nice week--cold-less, and minimal tears!   after all...happy kids are the BEST...and a happy mommy is even BETTER! :oD


  1. Only two weeks? I'm so jealous!

  2. I am so glad that the room situation is working out well and that they've been getting along. Maybe he's getting a little older and is not as irritating because he can actually play better, more like she likes to play? Regardless, it's fabulous!

  3. Glad you're having a good break so far! Ours has been great! We coordinated our vacation with the daycare lady's vacation so that we can still take him to school a couple days a week while we're off from working for the summer. And I love that we still can do that a couple days a week - not afraid to say it!

  4. I have to tell you, after MY kids, these two are the next set that warm my heart when they play together! I love it!