Thursday, June 10, 2010

it must be a twin thing

marie and matt are enjoying their honeymoon in beautiful bermuda(while i'm still here getting slammed in the face with toys--i'm not bitter, really!)  i miss her.  we usually talk at least once a day.  i don't want to be the annoying sister that calls everyday while they're supposed to be on their honeymoon, doing honeymoon things--get your minds out of the gutter, i didn't mean it like that...ok, maybe i did-a little. 

just before i was going to write this post, i checked my email.  there was one from her.  i feel better now.  she's having a great time, eating great food, and getting a little burnt(definitely NOT jealous of the burn) i'm happy that she's happy.  i still miss her, but i'm better now.

i finally got some herbs planted.  i'm SO far behind this year!  i have seeds to plant, but i may just bite it and buy some veggies that have already been started. 
hubs picked me up two pots for my herbs(one was actually a hanging basket, but i decided to just take the hanger off of it)  i spray painted them red.
i put a plastic pot in the large planter to use as the base for the small pot, and put a little potting soil in the bottom.
after placing the herbs in and filling in with soil, i added the small pot.
filled it with soil and planted some parsley seeds...if they don't take off, i'll just buy a plant lol!
now that i have nice fresh herbs, i should probably take something out of the freezer so i can use them!! ;o)


  1. That is SO COOL! I WANT ONE! :)

  2. That looks pretty darn great and I hope it takes off for you!

  3. It is so sweet that your sister and you are so close. I think that is awesome. Glad she is having a good time. Hope she doesn't get too burned. Good luck with your herbs.