Sunday, June 6, 2010

my sissy is a mrs!!!

wow!  so much to say, but i'll keep it short and get to the pictures!  the thunderstorms held off, although it was hot as hell!! lol  the kids did pretty well, david had a few mega meltdowns before the ceremony due to lack of sleep...i held him for the entire ceremony!  yep, the 4+inch heels didn't last long after carrying an extra 28 lbs for 30 minutes!!  emily was a vision walking down the isle with her daddy...i flashed forward about 20 years and pictured her in a white gown instead of apple green, and nearly lost it!  my sister was stunning!  her day was flawless.  she and matt were on cloud 9 all night long.  everyone had a fabulous time, and now they are cruisin' on down to bermuda!  here we go:

there are SO many more than this!! lol

my brother and i both spoke...although, my brother wasn't sure if he was going to.  he is super shy and was a ball of nerves...he did GREAT though!  i got extra nervous because along with our card(with a check inside) to the new mr. and mrs., my speech got stolen!!  the staff looked up and down, but it was no where to be found :o(  i had to stop payment on the check...and re print the speech when we dropped the kids off @ home with the babysitter.  minor detail.  i'm not sure where the card or speech walked off to, but if someone really did take it, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  moving on. 


  1. Oh my gosh. You all look amazing! I LOVE the color of Emily's dress and that Marie wore green shoes! LOVE it. Your speech brought tears to my eyes. Great job! Thanks for sharing some pictures :-)

  2. What a beautiful outdoor wedding! I love all the photos and the green shoes rock!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! She looked so beautiful! I love the green! How fun!

    What a beautiful speech. As someone who has a sister I teared up instantly! Great job! I also LOVE that you call each other SISSY! My sis and I do that too! :-)