Tuesday, June 1, 2010

thank you gift and a cute touch for the yard!

so friday is my sister's big day!  we are super excited--and praying the the rain will hold off!!  emily and david are both in the wedding, but after dinner, we are taking the home to bed.  emily's (former)early intervention therapist is going to babysit for us.  this is the first time that a non family member is going to watch the kids!  well, basically, they'll be sleeping, she'll be watching tv all night! lol  i wanted to get her a little something to say "thank you"!  so this is what i came up with!

i've had a bunch of flour sack dish clothes from the dollar tree, laying around--all boring and stuff...then i found a cute tutorial, and it hit me...awesome gift!  now, these towels are rather large, but let me tell you, after the first wash...these things are the best towels, EVER!
i found the tutorial for them here
the recipient has celiac disease, so i picked up a box of gluten free cookie mix.  while i was strolling through the grocery store, i found the rubbermaid utensils and knew they'd be the perfect finish!!  the fabric was left over from emily's birthday outfit!  so there ya go!  i think its a nice, thoughtful gift for anyone!  i may even whip a few more towels up for emily's teacher and aides next week!

project #2!  i saw this on gooseberry patch's facebook page, and knew i wanted to do it!!  i kind of filed it in the "things that i'll maybe get to" category.  until, that is, i was in target over the weekend!  i saw the bags in the dollar section for $2.50!!  i grabbed 2, then headed over to the outdoor section where i picked up 4 plastic pots for .99.  the pots fit in perfectly, except that the bags were pretty deep, so i sent hubs out into the garage, and he brought back some scraps of styrofoam.  i fit the pieces into the bottom of the bags, put the pots in with their freshly planted annuals...and that was it!!  david really loved helping with this too...the kids loves some dirt!!  oh-and they were fabric lined, so i cut it out, only leaving a couple of inches for a pop of color!

there we go!  it was a productive weekend!!  i also took marie out for her bachelorette party, but i'll post about that tomorrow!!!

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  1. I LOVE the Betty Crocker Gluten Free mixes! They are super close to the original...which is sometimes hard to find with GF stuff. Cute "flower bag"!

  2. You have such an idea mind and you really came up with cuteness! You're a very thoughtful gift giver, by the way.