Monday, June 21, 2010

i love the daddies in my life!

what more is there to say?  i have amazing men in my life, and i love them so much!  emily spent the weekend at my parents' house, so we met them there yesterday for a father's day bbq.  we all made a little something, and it was super relaxing--and hot!!  emily was coming down with a cold, so after lunch she took a nice long nap.  while emily was sleeping, david took a dip in the pool...and my sissy and i had a water fight with mom and dad.   it was so freakin' fun!!  we had so much fun, that i forgot to take pics! haha

other than coleslaw, i also made these little cupcake sliders and sugar cookie fries!!  they were a hit!!  i even put the "sliders" on hubby's burger platter!(got the idea from bakerella)

hubs, you are the best father!  you take care of all of us, and we appreciate all of your hard work!! :o*

dad, you were/are an awesome dad...and now an amazing grandpa!
ron, i know i never had the chance to meet you, but i am eternally grateful for the son you raised.  even though you only had 12 short years on this earth with him, he took your love for him and shares it with his babies.  he is an amazing father and husband, and i have you to thank for that.  


  1. That was really sweet of you to include Ron in your post! I love that you treated your dads to the burgers and fries. Those came out so cute!

    Water that!

  2. awww.....I love daddies!

    And those Burgers & Fries are TOO cute! Never seen those before!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to the men in your life.