Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fire prevention success!

hubs had a blast doing fire prevention for emily's school!  he could not stop smiling when he got home!  the kids and teachers had a great time!
i thought everyone could use a treat, so i made cupcakes with chocolate fire hats!
i had ordered fire truck molds to make lolly pops, but they came one day too late!  dang it!  so i used the chocolate melts to "draw" fire hats!  i'm not sure i'd recommend this!  i was all out of whack from being hunched over these things!  i was so concerned with finishing them, that i forgot to take pics!   ugh.  in essence, i printed off a bunch of fire hat pics from microsoft word's clip art.  then with wax paper over a cookie sheet, i traced them with the melted milk chocolate in a zippie bag with a very small hole clipped in the corner of the bag.  next i filled in with the red, then the white.  it was seriously time consuming, but i like the way they turned out! 

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  1. I can't believe how time intensive this must have been! You rock!!!!!

    That was my very favorite field trip as a child. I loved it every time we went. When my kids went, I was just as excited!

    PS. How come your blog isn't attached to your profile?