Thursday, October 7, 2010

mentally preparing...and its fire prevention week!

tonight my hubs starts his new part time job.  he'll be a sales associate @ walmart in the electronics dept.  he's excited about it.  i'm feeling a little overwhelmed.  i'm happy about the extra income...we absolutely, 100% need the money.  but his hours are 5pm-12am.  that means he won't have enough time to stop home after his full time job.  that means i'll be on my own with the kids.  emily is least tolerant of david from the hours of 4pm-bedtime.  and they both have colds.  not to mention he'll be working weekends.  this week its saturday and sunday, next week he'll have sunday off.  its scary.  maybe i should have gotten the part time job(we've both been applying, but he got the first call--actually, i haven't even gotten one call!).  i know that if i ask my parents to come over to help, they will.  i just feel like its my responsibility.  i wish i didn't worry so much!  this really is a good thing.  he's amazing for doing this...for taking care of us. 

anyway.  i'll be fine.  lol

did you know that this week is fire prevention week?  ok, so thursday is a little late to be reminding you, but better late than never, right?  hubs is taking a fire truck over to emily's school tomorrow!  he's very excited to be able to do it for them.  and the school is super excited that he offered.  for some reason they have not participated in fire prevention in a few years.  i think the old principal dropped the ball.  the new principal is awesome though, and very welcoming to fun ideas and suggestions.    hopefully we'll get some pics.  david and i won't be able to attend because we have his IFSP planning meeting for early intervention.  services should be able to start in about a week after we set is goals up.

talk to the kiddos about escape routes and stop drop and roll.  don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms ans test them regularly!
you can also check out the NFPA for more tips and activities for the kids!

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