Monday, October 18, 2010

the pumpkin patch

we took the kids pumpkin picking with my parents yesterday.  its always an adventure!  emily always cries as soon as we get there.  david has to touch every.single.pumpkin he sees!  every year we try to get a family photo...every year, we fail!  hahaha 

the proof:
we don't even have a "family" shot with emily because she only wanted grandma, and cried for just about the entire time!

i'm about one month pregnant with david(although i look like i'm already 6 months!), my jeans are too tight, i had a growth on my chin, and emily hated it this year too!

david was clueless, the sun was too much for emily and hubs, and i looked like i was trying to smuggle some pumpkins in my shirt(and my jeans were still too tight!)

holy sun!  we were all blind! 

this year was no different...except we had a screamer!  david just wanted to run around the pumpkins, and try to fit as many in the wagon as he could!  emily was the best she's ever been though!  this may be a contender for the christmas card... 

maybe next year we'll have a winner!


  1. I think 2010 would make a GREAT Christmas card. People would love it because it's fun!

    Stop picking yourself apart, by the way. LOL

  2. YAY! Love PUMPKIN shots! CUTE!

  3. Ha ha! Family pictures are so difficult, but I laugh every time I look back at them :) We just watched "Raising Hope" and it was all about psycho mom's family pics each year - I could relate!