Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shouldn't it be friday by now?

this week is at a stand still!  it hasn't been a bad week, just long.  tomorrow is back to school night at emily's school.  i'm hoping to meet the parents of her three new classmates. 
 i stopped in for a therapy session yesterday at the request of her OT and PT.   she's doing terrific, and they're excited that emily is becoming more aware of her surroundings!  she has basically been in survival mode for the last year and a half, and she's just now really "seeing" the school.  the textures on the wall, the doors, the pictures, etc.  they gave me some great playful activities to do with her @ home to give her more body awareness.  it may sound weird to most, but she's just now realizing that she's got a mouth, and a nose, and that its her hand holding the spoon.  its exciting stuff!   she's ready to have us challenge her now in a way that will make her other senses work hard!  its going to take some time for the "whole package"(emily's body and senses fight with each other!) to come together, but we are very encouraged! 

david has qualified for speech therapy through the early intervention program.  i really didn't think that he's qualify--i was expecting them to tell me that he's just "stubborn".  he's actually only at a 14 month level, he's 28 months old.  he flew through all of the major milestones, except this one!  he'll get it...he's a smart kid!  we have two more meetings before services can start, i think he'll enjoy it--he loves the attention! lol

hubs just landed a part time job @ walmart in the electronics dept.  seriously, we need the extra income, so we're both excited!   its going to be tough...i don't think he'll be home to help me with dinner, and baths, and bed time.  we have to make it work for right now though.  i can always call my mom or sissy for a hand.  fingers are crossed that it will give us to boost we need.

well, that's the story with us this week!  like i said, not a bad week--just looong!  my mom and i are taking emily out for the day on saturday, definitely looking forward to that!


  1. These are some really positive notes here! Excellent!

  2. My week last week was like that too. This week is better. Hope it is for you too!