Tuesday, September 14, 2010

caffeine OD

is it possible to OD on caffeine?  i really thought that i was yesterday.  i now know that my limit is 2 cups of coffee.  my head was spinning, there were heart palpitations, and oh yes, the shakes!   i skipped my afternoon workout for fear of projectile vomiting while lunging.  why so much coffee?  my son decided he wanted to be up crying for a large part of the night.  i was draggin' ass.  oh, and the best part?  he did the same thing last night!  so mommy is on day two of dragging said ass.  now that i know my appropriate coffee intake levels, i think i'll have a more productive day.  i know, only 2 cups of coffee seems like i'm a light weight...well, i am.  i NEVER drank coffee until david came along.   he's playing nice with his trucks right now.  so far, there are  no signs of him having a case of the "grumps". which is good for me.

aside from being very tired, i'm moving right along.  the house is tidy, i know what i'm making for dinner(the copy cat of outback's alice springs chicken and sweet potato fries), and i'm even thinking about putting out some fall/halloween stuff.  i'm not sure if i'm feeling that motivated though!

its already starting to smell like fall outside, and i love it!  for some reason it just lifts my spirits up...which lately, is definitely a good thing!

**this just in:  i see snot running down david's face....surely the culprit for these difficult nights!! blast!

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