Tuesday, September 7, 2010

why doesn't he tell me these things?

hubs set the alarm last night to get up extra early for work this morning.  (btw, this getting up early thing will last for maybe the rest of the week...he'll be back to waking up 20 mins before he has to leave for work by monday!!  men. lol)  any hoo.  he never told me he set the alarm!  i rolled over @ 4:30 and saw the little "alarm dot" on, and after rubbing the blur out of my eyes, was like, "i didn't set it!"  i gave him a shove, but got no reply.  so i thought that maybe david had hit it.  i shut it off!  hubs flung the covers off @ 6:13 this morning like his boxer briefs were on fire...13 minutes after he set it for.  he looked at me like i had set the fire. he asked why the alarm didn't go off!  sheesh!!  fill me in next time!!  btw, dear...the alarm is LOUD!  i need your son in bed for as.long.as.possible. so i can get emily ready for school this morning!   

happy monday...OH...its TUESDAY, ugh!!  wow, it sure feels like a monday, right?  well then, enjoy the rest of your week!!  ;o)


  1. What?! You mean you didn't just know? Lol. Just kidding... kind of.

  2. If he's gonna change the alarm, he has to tell you!!!! What a goofball!