Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a reunion and an anniversary

on saturday we had a little "reunion" with my dad's side of the family.  we gathered @ high point state park and really enjoyed the day.  good food and good people...what more could you ask for?  the kids were amazing!  they were both up early, and had no naps.  i couldn't believe we got there @ 11:30 am and stayed until almost 7pm...with no major incidents!  there were plenty of people to hang with the kids, so i even got to relax a bit myself!  hubs was still away for work, so i missed him...but i really enjoyed myself. 

i made a huge tray of cookies!!  i love having a reason to bake!!
(i had a crappy night of sleep...can you tell?!)

yesterday, hubs and i celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary!!  ok, so there wasn't much "celebrating" going on...it was a monday, i was overwhelmed with david's first gyminee crickets class, david has a cold-which makes him grumpy and whiny, so i was kind of grumpy too!  we don't usually exchange gifts, but he stopped and got me a nice card and a mum.  made me cry!  my parents are going to watch the kiddos on friday night so we can go out to dinner.  

justin, should you see this...you are an amazing husband and father!   you make me smile, you make my heart skip a beat, and i still get butterflies when i think about you.  

now i have to go yell at your son to get out of the refrigerator..... 

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