Wednesday, September 8, 2010

back to school

emily started back to school yesterday!  she seriously loves going!  her teacher is the same...and i love that!  she has the best teacher and aides!  she did get a new bus driver--i'm very happy about that!   last year's driver had no personality, or social skills.  i'm actually surprised that i made it through the whole year with her...although, we did all complain, so i wasn't surprised that she got the replaced! 

day two was business as usual!  dirty knees, stained shirt, and all!!  haha...i should buy stock in SHOUT!!  she always comes home with something on her clothes!  i think that's good though, it means she's busy and having fun! 

david and i have been keeping busy.  mostly getting the house back under control.  the piles of misc. stuff have been growing, i get chance now to go through everything and organize.  "fall cleaning" if you will.   i'm loving it.  i've also started working out while david naps.  i love not having to do it after they go to bed!  i'm going to try and set some short goals for myself, especially since the holidays are swiftly approaching.  next weekend my dad's side of the family is having a reunion of sorts.  i'm going to eat healthy, and watch my portions from now until then so i can treat myself when the time comes.   from there, i'll probably tell myself  "now, you have to be good until halloween."  so we'll see how that goes!!  haha

emily's first day:
(i couldn't get her to look at the camera!!)

day 2:
i love picking out her outfits!! tee hee!

maybe tonight i'll get my curtains finished...

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  1. YAY Emily! so funny, Sam's teacher sent home a note about how we shoul dexpect them to come home dirty b/c that means they are learning! :)