Thursday, December 24, 2009

going to sit back and enjoy

ok, so you all know i've been a horrible blogger lately.  this is one of the busiest christmases(is that a word?!) that i've ever had!  not really sure why?  last year at this time, emily was still receiving 8 therapies a week!!  i was running around like an idiot trying to remember which therapist was coming and at what time!   this year, she's happier than a pig in poop @ school.  i feet like i was always running behind, always something to do.  well, i'm DONE!  there are things that i would have liked to accomplish, but i'm not super woman.  i want to sit back, relax, and enjoy my family.  this has been a magical time of year thus far.  david walks around the house every morning and makes me plug in every.single.light.he can find!--he knows where they all are now.  he's still trying to blow out the tree!  i lose it every time too!  haha  emily is just amazing.  i hoped, dreamed, prayed(and i'm not super relious, but it was worth a shot, right?) that she would be walking by christmas.  i think this will be as close to a miracle that i will ever get.  at the rate she's going, she may be running marathons by the spring! 

it has been a very difficult year for hubby and i.   in the end, we have learned to communicate more openly, and just focus on our family.  financially we are in reality now.  we have not used a single credit card in a year.  it was so easy to just get what we wanted rather than, wait, and save.  well, that landed us in a world of mess!  now, we are concentrating on things that we need...and making sacrifices.  its so much better to live within your means me!  we realize that with clothes on our backs, food in the frige, and a roof over our heads...we are far richer than alot of people out there right now.  we are thankful for each day. 

ok, back to the holly jolly stuff ;o)  we went to emily's holiday concert on tuesday.  it was great!  so much fun watching the kids dance and sing!  here are a few of the high lights...

they can never get those headbands on her!

santa again!

they were lovin' their auntie m!!!

mommy got some lovin's too!

this is emily's school nurse.  she's dressed as porky pig, singing to blue christmas.  david ran out there to dance with her...the place went nuts!  he's such a ham!

she gave me a little stink eye!

we had so much fun!!

i probably won't be back until after christmas, but i'm sure i'll be lurking around all of your blogs!!  i want to wish you and your families a wonderful christmas!!  eat, drink, and be merry!!


  1. How adorable is David?! I laughed when you said he was trying to blow out the tree. I have the opposite problem - Collin goes around the house sniffing everything that looks like a plant... the tree, the garland on our banister, the decorative garland I put about our slider door. Its so funny and I laugh every time too.

    I'm glad you are done with everything and I really hope you do get to thoroughly enjoy your family and this wonderful time of year! Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

    I agree about making sacrifices, and communicating. This year I've decided on doing some cleaning in my life.

    Have a happy new year!

  3. How fun is all that! Love the pictures too cute! Glad you got a little break :)