Thursday, December 10, 2009

theta mom thursday

last friday my sissy picked me up for my first trip to the new christmas tree shoppe!! i'm in love...i fall in love pretty easy lately! lol  we met our friend and her husband...ok, ok, so there was a boy there.  he's been a friend since high school though, so he's like one of the girls anyway! 

we had a blast!  other than the woman behind me in line invading my personal space to find out what the hold up was...waiting for change, now get out of my face!  the balls of some people!  you are at the "christmas tree" shoppe in december...what makes you think that you won't be waiting in a line?!  sheesh!

anyhoo.  my sister and i ended up frolicking around michaels and target as well!  i love shopping with her.  we laugh like little school girls!!  i got the kids a couple of things for christmas, and a couple of cheap decorations.  we didn't get home until after!!


  1. Love to shop for decorations!!! Thanks for posting your time out today and I'm totally going to find you on FB!!!

  2. LOVE shopping for anything... thanks for reminding me to post this LMAO.. I am having some memory problems LOL..

    Going to work on it today..

  3. You sound like me and my sister! We laugh about everything! I'm glad you had a great time out there shopping!

  4. Sounds like a perfect shopping trip! I love the Christmas Tree Shoppe and don't go nearly enough. It is ALWAYS packed!

    Please come by for a visit - I tagged you in a Christmas question meme thing!

  5. I love both Target and Michaels. I especially like Target since they have wised up and lowered some prices! However, I have a BAD Black Friday Target story that I will post as soon as I get or don't get a response from them.