Monday, December 7, 2009

this and that

my head has been spinning lately!  not really sure why.  i guess its the holidays.  i'm worrying about getting the kids done for christmas...but have to wait until hubby's next paycheck.  ugh, worrying about money saa-hucks!!  esp this time of year.  we're getting through it though.

i love to decorate my house, but for some reason this year i just can't seem to get done!  i still have to put my village up, hang some jingle bells, and set up my grinch scene.  maybe tomorrow(i've been saying that for a week now!)  i have all of these craft ideas floating in my head...but don't have the time energy or money to do them.  its frustrating,  so i'm trying to take a simpler approach to things this year. 

these were quick and cheap...and i had everything on hand!!  love that!

i bought this little tree @ the christmas tree shoppe for $1.99.  a little fluff and some old ornaments gave it a new look!

i saw this on someone's blog last week...i'm sorry i can't remember where to save my life.  if it was you...thanks for the great rock!!

here is one of david watching the snow fall on saturday night!

i did get most of my christmas cards written out.  ok, so maybe i can check a few more things off of my list than i thought!  the baking will begin next week...oh, my poor jeans are going to hate me!

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