Thursday, December 3, 2009

santa success

what a terrific day we had!  well, besides david cracking his head open--oh--and his bloody nose(about 30 minutes before meeting santa for the first time)  ugh, boys!!

we arrived at emily's school and waited patiently for the guest of honor!  after we sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer, he appeared!!  at first emily and david didn't even see him(not sure how with the bright red suit and all?!)  but then, their first glance at the big guy...

what magic!

david was checking out the other kids' toys!

emily got a vtech alphabet apple!

he was checking the quality, what a good brother!

the big moment!  he wasn't afraid of santa, he just wanted to be running around!  emily's got that "he's not my brother" thing going on!

such a great day!


  1. What great pictures! It looks like it was a really awesome day for you all! Yeah! I love Emily pushing him away. Looks like my house.

  2. What sweet pics! It's always exciting when kids don't have meltdowns when they see Santa!

  3. OH NO..hope the boo-boo is all better.

    Great pics.

    But, where's your glasses?! lol

  4. Oh, what a fun time! Love the picture with "he's not my brother" - how cute!!

  5. Oh, what beautiful pics! Very magical! Except the poor babys head! OMG, poor guy! Isn't it funny how Santa scares the crap out of them so bad...until they realize he brings presents? lol

  6. your kiddies are just adorable!!!
    and David is such a big boy to not be afraid of Santa!
    We are not even going to try to take Sophia to see Santa this year. For some strange reason, she is terrified of ALL men, except Daddy...

  7. What a fun day! Beautiful pics!