Wednesday, December 9, 2009

never thought that i'd dread a snow day!

seriously!  its going to be a long day!  most of the area just has a delay...where i live however, its like the twilight zone.  i'm hoping that i can have the kids' sleep/nap scedule run so that they'll miss each other for most of the day.  while emily is minimally improving with david, its not enough that she can spend and entire day with him!!  last night she about crawled out of her skin while hubby had to go out to the garage for a few minutes.  so stressful-for all of us!

i'm trying to think of some crafting things that we can do.  i want to make a handprint calander from the kids for my parents, but i don't have paint yet.  today would have been perfect to do it...grrrr.  emily loves to finger paint at school.  note to self: next possible snow day, be prepared!  

yuck, just took a sip of cold coffee!

anyhoo.  christmas decorations still aren't finished!  i did make some cookie dough yesterday and put it in the freezer.  cookies for all this year! lol  i did choclate chip dough-with and with out nuts, sugar cookie dough, and peanut butter...all rolled into balls and ready to bake.  i've never tried the freeze and bake thing with cookies before.  i'm hoping it doesn't blow up in my face!  i just feel like i have alot to bake this year.  i'm doing a cookie swap with family, hubby asked for a platter for the fire house, and emily's teachers and aides are all getting baked goods as well!

here is a little of what i have around the house so far.  i'm really not so great at taking pics of things that aren't don't laugh! plus my camera is not that great...i'm dying for one of those big fancy shmancy ones, but i'll have to win the lottery first :o/

i got this wreath from emily's fundraiser.  its so beautiful!

we're going to get our tree tomorrow night.  i think that will finally give me the boost i need to get the rest finished!!


  1. Beautiful! Even your curtain looks some of the pictures it looks white with red trim, but that could be a trick of the lighting!

  2. I hope your day goes better than you expect! I LOVE that sign over the window that says "wonder"! Beautiful.

  3. LOVE your DECORATIONS!!! I can't wait to get our tree either! Hang in there MAMA!

  4. Your mantel looks beautiful! I hope your day goes well!

  5. I love to see how everyone decorates for the season! I made one of those ornament wreaths, too!

  6. It's beautiful there! I really like the wonder over your window!

  7. Your decorations look great and I always hit up "No time for flashcards" for simple creative crafts. Good luck! :)