Thursday, August 20, 2009

baking is my therapy

we had a very rough afternoon today. i really would rather not get into it, we're all starting to feel better. i will say that there was crying from kids and mommy, and then even more crying when a certain little boy turned on the dust buster by mistake! ugh! i hate days like this--i knew it would be coming, the last 3 days had been pretty quiet. i feel terrible as a mommy that i can not make my little girl feel better. another day under my belt, and we march forward once again...

so emily went a day early to grandma and grandpa's for her sleepover. my sweet-loving-knows when i'm at my limit-mommy called me up and told me that my dad would be swinging by to pick her up, and to pack her for 2 days. i love my mom! i feel a little defeated, but i knew i was due for a break. david is going to aunt cindy's for his sleepover tomorrow. hubby and i will have a date, so i'm looking forward to that. i don't know how other mom's do it that don't have a great support system like i do.

so i baked. baking makes me feel good. the kitchen david went to bed, hubby went to the firehouse...and i baked. i'm relaxed now. the humidity didn't do much for the looks of my chocolate chip cookies, but i don't even care--they taste good! i'll be sending most of them with david to aunt cindy's tomorrow. lord knows that i don't need 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies staring at me all day! i packaged them in a store bought cookie container...yes, i said store bought! hubby brought them home from the firehouse last week--they had tons left over(probably cause they were store bought --tee hee) ok,ok, so i had one, but i had to test it!! i hung on to the container. wasn't sure what i was going to do with it, and ta daaa---perfect for sending off my yummies tomorrow!

i'm in my happy place. david is sleeping soundly, emily is in the best hands...and all is right with the world once more.

oh and i picked these lovelies for dinner last week, had to share!


  1. Everyone has those days. So happy to hear you two get a date night! ENJOY!

  2. Hi there. Visiting from SITS. Have a wonderful day.