Thursday, August 6, 2009

pain in my a$$

literally. so gross, but i woke up with a boil on my butt cheek! terrible. i feel it when i sit, when i walk...this sucks! never had one before. i swear having kids makes your body do all kinds of crazy things! i've been working out so hard for the last few weeks, i'm seeing changes in my body...and now--this! since i can't work out, i want to bake. i looove baking! but i don't have enough eggs for baking, and for my pork chops to get their bread crumb coating for dinner...ugh that's always the way! not that i need to be baking...since i'm the only one that ends up eating the stuff!! why do i love something so much that doesn't love me back? i'm pretty alone around here, so its not like i can share with friends. oh well...i'll bake another day i guess. i'm so thrown off from not working out! i was going to craft something or crochet the blanket that i've been working on--but now i don't feel motivated to do it!! its just one of those days i guess. i will just take my boil to the couch and relax while david naps! maybe something will spark my interest on the way to the living room!!

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