Tuesday, August 25, 2009

neck ache; day:

i lost count! oh this sucks! for about a week now i've woken up with such a stiff neck! it hurts right at the base of my head. i'm thinking i'm going to bite it and buy some new pillows. i really do need them badly. one of them has had a blow out for months now. i've just been nursing it along. i think its time. i hope that's the answer...as i said...this sucks! especially when the little angel is getting into something. i have to turn my whole body to see what he's doing--instead of the sly over the shoulder peek! oh, and my shoulder is still jacked up from bowling the other night!! i'm falling apart. i think someone will have to scrape me off of the floor when i start working out again next week!

i think its time for hubby to child proof the upper drawers in the kitchen. we have all of the lower cabinets and drawers done, but i guess hubby never thought that david would be tall enough to reach the other ones...der! there isn't anything that can hurt him, but i'm just sick of him pulling all of my baking stuff out. its either a fight to make him put it back...or i have 2X's the dishes at the end of the night!

yesterday was a good day with the kids. they were both a little whiny, but over all, no meltdowns. their schedules worked out so they didn't see each other much during the day. david took an awesome nap, i was thrilled! haha, so today i'm sure he won't take such a good one! that's the pessimist in me! emily and i colored after breakfast. she doesn't color much, its more like her taking my crayon--then trying to hold as many as she can in one hand!! haha she also likes ripping the pages. she's always been into paper...i get the best laughs out of her and all i have to do is rip paper!! who needs toys?!

while emily was napping, david and i got the meat loaf together for dinner. well, it was more like me trying to get it done while he was watching his imagination movers dvd!! i did pretty well!! haha, very few interruptions! his new thing is hopping into the computer chair. somehow he managed to get himself over the the desk--where his banana was sitting. he did pretty well eating it himself. until the end. he shoved about 3 inches--give or take--into his mouth!! i thought for sure the hymlick was in our future, but he got it all down. i won't be letting him do that again! i'll cut it up next time.

we'll be heading to my parents' house for the day tomorrow. that should be fun. i think i'm going to make some chocolate zucchini cupcakes to bring. i finally got a zucchini big enough to use! my garden isn't doing very well this year. hardly any tomatoes or zucchini. the beans are doing well though. i think all the rain we got didn't do them any good! oh well, better luck next year!! haha


  1. I highly recommend Goose Down Pillows. They are the only type pillow my family will use. And we love them.

    Good luck Pillow Shopping.

    Stopping by via SITS!

  2. Love these Superior Snaps! Thanks so much for sharing. And hope your neck gets better soon. Have you considered swimming? That always irons out all the kinks for me. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

  3. Are you stressed at all? I find that about once a year or so my neck seizes up and for about a week to two weeks its really really sore and I can't turn my head properly (I have to turn my whole body so I look like a robot!) Apparently its tension based. Just a thought? Maybe a stress - busting massage would be as good as a new pillows?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    LBM xxx