Tuesday, November 10, 2009

need to get my craft on

i've seriously got to get some crafting done if i have any hopes of opening my shop by thanksgiving weekend! i'm hoping that my darling child will cooperate today! haha---yeah, right! he's getting a big fat tooth, so he's been a big grump for the last few days. OH, and i caught him playing in his poopy diaper-again! ack! this is worse than when he was making himself barf while he was supposed to be napping! who knew boys could be this much fun?! :o/

back to the shop...still haven't decided on a name...any suggestions would be awesome!
i've got alot of ideas up in my head for things i'd like to sell, but i don't want to go nuts on purchasing supplies if i'm not able to sell anything! that would suck! what do you think of these ideas:
ornament wreaths(as i get these things made, i'll post pics for some feedback)
ribbon garlands
wire star ornaments
bird nest kits(scraps of yarn and fabric for birdies to make a pretty home!!)
and maybe some embroidered holiday dish clothes

here's what the wire star ornaments look like so far(they'll be getting a bath in silver glitter and a bow)
i made these last year for all of emily's therapists...they were a big hit.
so that's all i have so far...like i said, i need to get my hiney in gear!

lastly...i got my desk cleaned off yesterday!
ok, so maybe everything isn't exactly where it belongs...but its all contained in one neat box until i get another minute to sort it all! keep in mind, i was doing this while david was on the chair(with wheels) trying to play with the mouse. lets just say there were a couple of close calls! speaking of houdini--err, david, he just whipped out a crayon from no where and decided to have that for breakfast instead...ugh!


  1. Yes, you have to get moving. You need it to be done by the end of the weekend so you can tweak it for the last few days before Thanksgiving! That's my pep talk!

  2. Good luck! I love the star ornaments! I can picture a tree full of your star ornaments and white ball ornaments and it is breathtaking!

  3. Your son seems like quite the little handful:) I have one of those myself, just the opposite sex. I think the stars are very pretty. I can't wait to see them covered in glitter.