Thursday, November 12, 2009

theta mom thursday

so i had the ultimate time out last week! over 24 hours of ME TIME! that's right, you heard me...24 freakin hours! emily didn't have school thurs and fri due to the teacher's convention. it was amazing...i didn't even have to ask anyone if they wanted to take a child! i would have settled for just one going on a sleepover...but two?! yes, please...thank you!
david left for his fun time early in the afternoon. i should tell you that the time emily and david spent together was awful :o( she had a mega sucked! (which made me want to get them the hell out of the house like, immediately!)once david was gone, i packed emily up and took her down to my parents' house. then, it was party time!!
i went to walmart, all by my was fabulous...i don't even remember what i bought, but i felt like i was walking on air! on the drive home, i actually got to listen to music with a beat! i turned up the volume, and bopped my head around like an idiot--celebrating my freedom. i got home, cooked hubby and i dinner...and actually got to watch the 5 o'clock news!! the sprout channel was banned until friday evening!!
hubby and i should have been swinging from the rafters naked, however, after a nice make out session, we peacefully fell asleep. heaven. it was the most beautiful thing to be able to sleep in. no worries, no making breakfast, no waiting for the bus. awesome. i met my sissy at her place and we hit the dollar store. i think you could literally see the twinkle in my eyes all day.
then the kids came home. *poof* the bliss was over. ok, ok, i missed them--no, really--i did!! i ultimately paid the price for said bliss, because both kids were soooo cranky all weekend!! but i'd do it again, damn it!


  1. I can't wait for those sleep overs, my kids are still too little yet. A shopping trip without an interruption? Awesome! And I do the SAME thing when I am by myself in the car...My music on LOUD!!! Woo Hoo! So glad you had an awesome day! ;)

  2. "hubby and i should have been swinging from the rafters naked" <- LOL

    I was anticipating this post. I couldn't wait to hear what you had done while the kids were away!

    Sleeping in! You go with your bad self!

  3. WOW!!! That is a wonderful time out!
    Lol, music is powerful, puts me in a great mood. I love listening to music when driving too:)

  4. That is a beyond fantastic time out! Wonderful. My parents are taking my son this weekend, so it will just be little girl and I, but I am still looking forward to our first girls night EVER!

  5. My kids have yet to sleepover - can't wait for some time out like that! Good for you!!! :)