Monday, November 9, 2009

started a little fire...

under my butt! tee hee yesterday i was completely worthless. i had a headache for the WHOLE day! from the time i woke up until just before bed, i was miserable! we took the kids to my parents' house. thank goodness we did, the extra hands really helped since i was out of it. hubby was a rock star! gosh i love him! he even went to the grocery store for me(we needed the essentials)...he loathes a&p! i've been wanting to get some crafts done for my etsy shop, but i'm still waiting on a few supplies...and yesterday's set back didn't help.

today is a new day. i'm feeling good. david is actually eating his breakfast--not just pushing it around on his plate! the laundry is half done...and after writing this, i will tackle this--

such a disaster. this desk is the "holding area" for important things...that have a spot, but i'm just too lazy to put them where they belong! i'm so sick of looking at papers stuffed all over the place! i'm off to it! today i am the good housewife! i may even have dinner ready on time! lol i love days like this!


  1. Good for you for the fire under your butt! :)

    I'm having a day where I feel kinda like getting some stuff done too. I also feel like a nap. I wonder what will win out.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling well today. Have a great week!

  3. I am so glad your day is so productive! I am slightly jealous, and I really need to get up and get things done, I just have a lot of fun reading your blog. Good luck getting everything done!

  4. When you get motivated to be productive, it feels so good!

  5. i need to light a fire under my butt! I have so much to do...and I never seem to get around to doing it!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  6. So glad you're feeling better! I can't wait to see everything you create :)