Sunday, November 22, 2009

weekends are too short.

so here we are at sunday already!  sheesh, it goes so fast!  yesterday we got the kids outside for some nice fresh air.  emily wasn't feeling it too much, and preferred to hang on the screened in porch.  fine by me...i'm getting to the point where if the wind blows just right, i have to pee!!  those little things--like peeing when its cold, and facial hair, and seeing things from the eighties(that you don't remember from the eighties)--remind me that i'm not 16 anymore!! 
anyhoo...  david had a blast raking leaves with hubby.  he was out there for hours!  i finally asked him if he wanted a snack, and he drug me into the house!!  i guess some gold fish and juice were sounding better than dead leaves!!  he was a good boy for the rest of the afternoon.  left overs were on the menu.  we're trying to curb out eating out habit--especially with christmas coming! 
i haven't crafted much these last few days.  there are things on the list, but i've just felt burnt out this week!  its too early to be burnt out--i still have christmas gifts to buy!!  so i took some time off to regroup.  that's hard for me to do.  i always have something up my sleeve!  i think this nice quiet weekend is just what to doctor ordered. 

i think these will be the xmas cards pics.  since i can't get them to sit TOGETHER, i decided to try and get a couple of nice individual shots.  i managed to succeed before the camera batteries died...go me!

one last thing!  MY FIRST GIVEAWAY WILL START TOMORROW!!  check back for won't be difficult--i can't handle difficult LOL!  hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Those are great pictures, they have beautiful smiles! We still have plenty of shopping to do, too, and I'm not feeling it at all. Oh well, next Friday ought to kick it into high gear! :-)
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I think you have some great shots for the Christmas cards!!

    I love how happy he was about raking and too funny that she didn't want to go out. :)

  3. You have some great pictures for xmas cards! Can't wait to check out your first giveaway! :)

  4. Hi SITS Gal! Thanks for visiting my "Balance Beam" blog! I really need to get some pics for my Xmas cards as well. Always an interesting process!