Monday, February 15, 2010

a breakthrough

yesterday was amazing.  for those of you that have been reading for a while, you know about emily's inability to deal with david.  while we were at emily's school on friday, she was TOTALLY fine with him.  and it hit me that every time i bring david to school, she doesn't have a fit-at all!  i was puzzled, and frankly a little annoyed.  for the last 7 or so months, we've been getting played by a toddler.  sometimes i let her disability sway me...i'm admittedly a little easier on her.  after friday, something shifted in me.  she should not be treated any differently than david when she's misbehaving.  so, on saturday, i had to show a little tough love.  it was hard...ok-it sucked.  i usually try to give david to her in small doses.  some days that works, others its a disaster.  saturday though, we were all going to start to play together.  emily pitched such a fit...i told her it was unacceptable.  when david throws a temper tantrum, i put him in bed until he cools off.   so i did the same thing with emily.  it happened to be her nap she fell asleep.  we finished the night like any other...david had dinner, then i took him in the living room to play until bed...while emily ate alone with hubby.  i wasn't sure where i was going with this. 

sunday morning--a breakthrough.  emily walked into the kitchen for breakfast.  david was already there having a banana.  he offered her his other half--she accepted.  i could have just lost it right then!  we spent the next hour and 15 minutes having breakfast and coloring.  i didn't know if i should laugh or cry.  after naps, the same thing continued.  i was in a state of shock all day!--happy shock though.  i'm hoping this treand will continue now!!  lol  no flukes, please, i can't take it!

the kids enjoyed their valentines:

today i'm taking the kids down to my aunt's house.  its her birthday!  david is going to stay for a sleep over.  and since emily has tomorrow off of school, we'll have a girls day!

here is the cake a made for her birthday(peanut butter cake, whipped chocolate ganache filling, and peanut butter frosting)

i made her these from the kids:

they are polaroid ornaments(i still have to work on making straight lines, but they came out cute!)
found the tutorial here


  1. The ornaments came out super cute and the fact that the kids got along so well is just a wonderful blessing! :) I hope it continues on for you. :)

  2. YAY for BREAKTHROUGHS! so glad you had a great day!

  3. What a fantastic breakthrough! I am so excited for you!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family!

  4. That cake looks awesome! Nice job on that!

    As far as the kiddos go - how amazing. You must've felt so incredibly proud! Little steps, right? I hope it continues and continues and you can spend many, many weekends all together around the table!

  5. That is soo awesome! Now can you come over and do the same thing with my kids :)