Tuesday, February 23, 2010

when it rains it pours

ugh.  i have not been able to find my happy place for about a week now.  the kids have been super clingy and whiny--which makes me just want to run away...far away.  i went to kohls with my mom on saturday night to get out, but ended up spending more than i thought i would.  our microwave has died once--unplugging it then replugging it back in gave it a little more umph, but its about to use its second life.  how many do you think microwaves have?  i guess we'll find out.  hubby's glasses broke and of course they were unable to repar them, so he had to order new frames.  my iron crapped out the other night, leaving me unable to finish the tote bags i've been working on...for too long now.  iron is back in service(i guess its got a few lives like the microwave), but now my sewing machine is acting up.  the thread keeps getting knotted or breaking.  just can't figure out what's wrong with it.  i flew off the handle after that mess and went to bed at 9:30 last night.   my poor hubs didn't know if i was coming or going.  oh, and the PMS definetly doesn't help!  i have to go to emily's school today for her scout meeting.  they are doing a tribute to thomas jefferson and having their blue and gold ceremony.  usually i take someone with me to keep an eye on david so that i can participate with emily--but no one is available to help me today.  now i'm kind of dreading the whole thing.  don't like that feeling.  i should be excited to go.  ok, gonna go have another cup of coffee.  hopefully i'll be back to normal soon--i have too much to do to be down in the dumper. 


  1. i hate moments like this...everything is a mess and nothing is going right! rest assured, as someone who has this happen almost daily-IT WILL GET BETTER!
    until then...have some chocolate

  2. Days like that are the worst! I hope things start looking up for you in the very near future. I hate when everything decides to join forces and all quit at the same time. But I can't wait to see your tote bags when you do finally finish them.
    If I were near you, I would totally go with you to keep an eye on David. Good luck with that.