Wednesday, February 3, 2010

when did i lose a day?

i swore up and down that today was tuesday. it is not.  today, my friends, is wednseday...which makes me a little happier.  the week is half over! 

emily has a 90 minute delay today.  david is actually still sleeping...looove it(for those of you that watch "dragon tales"--i'm singin' it like weezy!).  bed time has been getting a little later for him.  we're getting better at the whole one nap a day thing.  sometimes he'll nap for up to 3 hours!!  hence, later bed time.  its really nice to have a piece of the morning to myself, but on the same hand, i'm not getting much done after the kids are in bed.  i took another night off last night.  i didn't even read.  hung on the couch for a bit with the hubby, then went up to bed around 9:30.  i needed that. 

fingers are crossed that i will start the shred tonight, and perhaps even get a little sewing in!  i have to finish up some stuff that i started...then i'll be moving on to bags for the kids...then a project for emily's bday!  i'm super excited about it!!

i hope i have enough laundry detergent to do the few loads i have today! lol

i invited my brother to dinner on friday night.  my parents are taking emily for a sleepover, so we'll only have david.  we're going to go to this place called the chatterbox drive in.  i haven't been there probably about 2 years now.  i was pregnant with david!  its an old 50's style place.  they always have a different hot rod or motorcycle parked in the middle.  and in the summer, you can stay in your car, and the servers are on roller skates!  its so cool!  ok, so its not exactly diet friendly...but i am absolutely making an excuse for it after the week it had!!  lol  i'm sure i can find something yummy that won't completely derail me!

oh crap, david is awake.  to get him up, or not to get him up! lol  i HAD to jinx myself, didn't i?!


  1. Oh how fun abut the drive in. We have one near us that we have not been to since Baby DIVA was really little. Have fun!

  2. I think you lost a day while you were puking...

  3. I started the shred on Monday. I hate Jillian but dang it, I feel so much better for doing it!

    That switch in sleep times really is a mixed blessing, huh?

  4. I read about your shred failure while eating a bag of gum drops...obviously I'm no help :(