Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day

hubby and i have never been really big on valentines day.  well, when we were dating, we did exchange the typical, vday themed stuffed animals etc.  then we kind of gave up on it!  lol  now that we have kids, i do decorate a little more.  emily made her first valentine this year for her classmate, ryan--i have to admit, i enjoyed that...glitter and paper-who wouldn't?!
("i love you")

on friday emily's school had a valentines day lunch for the parents.  we had such a blast.  my mom kept an eye on david so that i could spend time with emily. 

and look who is learning how to ride a tricycle!!
i can't believe that she's going to be four in 2 weeks!!

oh, and the kids' outfits were a huge hit!  yeah, my chest puffed up a little bit! ;o)



  1. Wow! Time flies! I love her outfit! XOXO is my thing! I post it at the bottom of my emails and in text messages! Love it!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy V day!
    We do not really celebrate the day either, but I am looking forward to Baby DIVA getting older so we can make cute v day cards for her little friends!!!

    Love her outfit, BTW!!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Awww kids grow so fast! I know my sons are so big 15 and 14.... :(