Thursday, February 4, 2010

the shred, day one FAIL

ugh.  now, i've done the shred before.  i made it through level two.  i'm not really sure why i had such issues last night!  i only did half of the workout, and threw in the towel.  i've been doing the firm for over 3 weeks-for an hour a night!  what's the problem?  ok, well, it didn't help that i was finally feeling up to eating a whole meal after being sick.  and i may have over indulged...a tad.  i haven't decided if i'm going to give it another go tonight or just stick with the firm.  i'm definetly seeing the results with it...the shred would just get me there a little faster.  another bonus with the shred is the whole 20 minute thing.  oh, i guess i'll just have to see what kind of mood i'm in tonight!

i finally started sewing again too.  i should have finished up some projects that i started(just some dish towels and valentines for emily's teacher/aides), but i skipped those and went right to a new project.   
i'm making tote bags for the kids.  i LOVE those charm packs!!  the less measuring and cutting i have to do-the better!


  1. I tried sredding! Lasted about a week and a half. Then I went for donuts!

  2. Shredding oh man I think I have a whole full of stuff toe shread . LOL

    Love those patterns so pretty.. Tote bags how cute!

  3. I'm doing the shred too and on the first day I only did half. It's hard! Now I'm on day 4 and I'm able to do it all but not without a few choice words spoken throughout!

  4. Oh man everytime I do the shred I have wait like 3 days after I do it. I can't walk for like 3 days ... LOL

    Those bags are going to look wonderful! You're so sweet to make things for the teacher also!

  5. I just started shredding again and man it feels great... I always know that but it doesn't make it any easier to get back into. I hope you find your grove.

    As far as sewing goes... YAY! I can't wait to see the final product!