Tuesday, February 2, 2010

for the last time

i am OVER this stomach bug!  emily threw up again last night!  we will be washing the 100th load of pukey sheets and jammies today!  no fever...she was actually smiling and giggling!  she's so silly!  i'm hoping it was just a fluke, but i'm keeping her home from school today.  this day should be interesting.  i just can't take it anymore!  cut us a break!
ok...moving on...i SO don't want to write about puke anymore...and i'm sure your sick of reading about it!  lol

i think i'm going to lay off of working out for one more day.  i want to get my nutrition back to normal today.  i should be shredding by tomorrow night though.  come oooon bridesmaid dress!  i took it easy and started reading this great book.  i joined the slow readers book club.  its for those of us that need extra time with a book--because we can't usually carve enough time out in our day to sit and read!  its a really great concept.  i thought it would be a great way to get some more reading into my life.  i've never been a big reader.  i enjoyed it more after high school...but it still is not the top thing on my list that i'd rather be doing!  i'm really enjoying our first book-half broke horses by jeannette walls.  its a quick read...which i love, and i have until march to read it!!  although, i'll have to have to back to the library well before then...the waiting list for this baby was a mile long!! lol  if you'd like to get a little more reading into your life...i would highly recommened this little club!!


  1. Good Morning, Stopping by from SITS. Glad your feeling better. Yes, I have been trapped in the laundry room myself. I think the stomach bug has hit us all in some way. Can't wait till Spring and seeing the sun. It will do us all a lot of good. Oh yes, I live in Michigan wher it is cold and snowy.

  2. I am so sorry about the pukey bug. I hope it goes away with the quickness and you guys feel better!

    I love the concept of the slow readers book club. May have to look into that myself. The only time I read now is when I am alone on the toilet (so never). I really miss reading!!!

  3. This would be ideal because sometimes I forget to bring back the book I borrowed when reading to slow.

  4. I hope Emily gets better soon!!
    My 9mth old projectile vomited on me this morning , but he was smiling as soon as he did it. Maybe he saw the funny side of Mummy covered head to toe in milk!

  5. im on my second day of a sick kid at home. i am going nuts.
    i hope all are healthy by tomorrow for your own sanity.

  6. I'm a freak with books. I read them ravenously until they are done - my house will be a mess, dinner will be late, I'm obsessed! Then I'm sad when it's over.

  7. Hi, I'm a new Friday Follow glad you are all feeling much better. I love to read a lot too so, I will be following you.

    Have a great day