Wednesday, February 17, 2010

is it friday yet?

i'm sure you all know what it feels like to lose a day.  you know, like when you're sick for a few days, and you don't know what day it is.  well, today i just wish i could skip ahead a day--maybe two.  david had a sleepover at my aunt's house on monday night.  hubs picked him up last night around 4:30.  today, he's a whiny monster!  usually, he's just a monster after a sleepover...but the whining.  oh, for the love of god--does there have to be whining too?!   i just put him up for his nap.  i couldn't bare it anymore!  i go through the same thing after every sleepover.  things are a little looser at my aunt's house...i know that...i've had many a sleepover there when i was younger.  *sigh* i'll deal with it though for a night of quiet!  lol

emily and i had a fun day.  we just played and relaxed.  it was nice.  she's also my champion sleeper--so i got some stuff done--and started(then finished) her birthday skirt!
i can't wait to make her a shirt to go with it!

i'm hoping to start cutting fabric for her baby doll quilt tonight!


  1. so glad that my kids aren the only grumpy the day after!

  2. That skirt is adorable! I can't wat to see the shirt you make to go with it!

    Collin has been SUPER whiney lately and I am just about ready to run away when he does something goofy and laughs and I remember I can handle it. ::sigh:: It isn't always easy, though.

  3. Ha... let me tell you that I have been following this dress on FACEBOOK. Good job girl! I can't wait to see the whole outfit! :)

  4. I totally LOVE that skirt... you are so crafty and talented... awww I want to be you right now...... jealous...... LOL

  5. What a cute little skirt! I can't wait to see the top. You are so talented. TEACH ME. lol

  6. whining is verbal poison!

    and I'm having that kind of day - all this week! at some point, I will be right and it WILL be Friday - which is only slightly LESS pleasing when you have to work on Saturday as well. *sigh*