Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cheese fries and a delorean

friday night we invited my brother out to dinner.  we don't get a chance to hang much anymore, and since emily was at her sleepover i thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up. 

off to the chatterbox we went!  this place is super family friendly, so i knew that even if david wasn't an angel-not too many people would notice!!  can i just tell you, YUM!  i haven't eaten there since i was pregnant with david...i opted for the not so healthy choice...chili dog and cheese fries.  oh, sweet cheese fries!  david did really well with his mac n cheese bites and fries!  i mentioned a delorean.  well, every month, they feature a vehicle--right in the center of the restaurant.  sometimes its an old hot rod, sometimes its a motorcycle...this month--its the delorean.  all decked out like it was right out of back to the future(one of hubby's favorite movie series of.all.time.  they were actually supposed to have a family event the day afer we were there to raise money for michael j. fox's foundation(but due to the impending snow-that we never got-they rescheduled the event)

we had such a great time.  i miss my brother.  he's so funny, and he's great with the kids--even though he's not a bodily functions type guy-if ya catch my drift...and if ya don't, that means he can't stomach poopy diapers or excessive  drool! 

that's my boy...

my not-so-little brother and i:


  1. Your brother and mine look just alike with those big beards!

  2. What a fun evening for you, and that is so neat that Emily could go to a sleepover! I am wishing that restaurant was near my house, it sounds like a party.

  3. Great pictures girl! Is that restaurant in NJ???