Wednesday, October 14, 2009

enough with the slacking

i was just not in the mood for anything yesterday! although, i did do some laundry and change the sheets...but my house looked like a war zone for most of the day. i didn't feel like blogging, or crafting. i've been trying to crochet a neck warmer for three days now, and keep screwing it up!!! also, not in the mood for dieting :o( i've been eating like a pig since the weekend. this is the crappiest time of year for me to diet. at least its cold, and i don't have to worry about my rolls hanging out of a tank top. i'll snap out of this eventually. thankfully, hubby did the dishes for me and fired up the pellet stove. so i vegged for a bit and re started that darn neck warmer! i managed to get a little further this time! :o)

i have to get it together for today though. i have to take david to the doctor. he's had a couple of pimple-like on his belly(near his belly button) and the other is on his pelvis, right above "the bird". they didn't seem to bother him until last night after his bath. the one in the bird region looks swollen this morning, he's not a happy camper :o( i have no idea what it is. those are the only two. i'm almost positive that its not chicken pox, but i guess i'll wait and see what the doctor says. i hate going to the doctor. for all the time spent waiting, the actual visit is over in the blink of an eye. and usually my assumptions are correct, and i just wasted a day! oh well, that's motherhood, right?

i wanted to remind everyone the check out vicki's blog! she still has giveaways and fun stuff. the month is coming to and end..go check her out, now!!

ok, i've had my coffee...i think i can start my day now.

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  1. I've had those days before. Hoping your doctor visit is quick and he's able to tell you what's wrong. Doctor visits annoy me too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. It's ok - everyone has those days every now and again.....Mine's been lasting for 2 days now :) Time to get back on the ban wagon - huh?

  3. I feel like I'm in a funk lately too. If I didn't have to get dressed or look presentable to take Spencer to the bus, I probably wouldn't. I feel like a complete vegetable today!

    The other day I went to the doctor and waited almost 2 hours for what was literally a 2 minute consultation! Crazy!

    Hope it turns out to be nothing big for your little one! :)

  4. I'm not sure my comment went through.
    Hope, it turns out nothing important for your son. My son has a cold, stayed home today. I gave a cold syrup, hope it works for him.

  5. We all have those day! You're GOOD! ;)

  6. Hope it turned out to be nothing and David is ok.

    We all have our off days but I'm sure things have already turned for the better :)

  7. I'm giggling over the bird, I so need to go to bed. I hope it all is ok!

    I say enjoy the coffee it's nice to have those days everyonce in a while!