Friday, October 2, 2009

such a busy week!

i'm so glad that its friday! i'm not usually into the tgif thing, because for us, its emily's crankiest day--so i dread it! but after this week, i welcome friday with open arms!!

blood work, crafting, laundry, field trip, appointment with a lawyer(long story, maybe some day i'll get to tell it! lol) it just seems like every day has had something going on. every day, except today, that is! tonight, after the kids go to bed, i'll be curling up on the couch, and watching ghost whisperer--love that show! ok, so maybe i'll have some crocheting in my hands too, but christmas is fast approaching, and i have stuff to get done!! did NOT feel like working out today. after all the walking/chasing i did yesterday, i think i'm good till monday! lol so my numbers may not be that good one the scale, but i'm not going to feel guilty over it. its just been a non stop week of go go go, so i refuse to cry over a few lost workouts! i have been eating well, so there!

yesterday we went to camp winnebago with emily's school. emily's bus couldn't do the run, so david and i got to go and par take in "nature day". the only suck-y part, aside from being exhausted, whas that it was pretty chilly all day. we had fun anyway! emily did tons of walking, david was playing in dirt, and rocks, oh, and there was that unfortunate incident with the worm(R.I.P. little worm)
here are a few pics from yesterday.
yes, emily was mere inches from david--and had a smile! i had to document it!


doing what boys do best

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find out how to win your little punkin, made by yours truly! thank you vicki for helping me spread the word about tina's place!

and lastly, my little blog was featured on tip junkie this week, as well as sisters stuff today!

back in june, i never thought anyone would even read this blog. i'm so happy to actually have followers-that aren't family members, and that i've been featured!! i also found out that i will be selling my first baked good(dutch apple pie)! who knows, i may see a business in my future!! thank you for reading!!


  1. Those are great pics! Stopping by from SITS. Hello

  2. Wow! Busy week! Hope you get a at least a little relaxing in this weekend. Congrats on being featured! I'm visiting from SITS (just joined and I'm enjoying it). Have a good weekend.
    pk @ room remix

  3. Cute layout!(unrelated...kinda)
    You are one busy family all I can say. I started blogging not too long myself so I remember the feeling well. LOL congrats on your progress!
    Do you mind if I follow you? :D
    And - stop by any time over at my place.

  4. Hi Tina! Congrats on being featured!
    Hope you are getting come rest this weekend. Sounds like the busiest week ever!

  5. Congrats on being featured lady! I left you an award today!

  6. Wow, you sound very busy! I hope your weekend has gotten calmer. I hope it is wonderful! You have such a sweet blog! I am now following you. Will you repay the favor?

  7. some thrive on the hustle and bustle but i thrive on the lazy and schmazy - if i have to go somewhere once or twice a week i complain - i like the relaxed life!

    i was super busy with my son and clubs and this and that like 2 years ago and now i'm taking a break!

    hope u enjoyed your friday!

  8. Beautiful pics! Congrats on being featured!

  9. Beautiful pics girl! I'm off to grab your new cute button! ;)

  10. Happy Sits Saturday Sharefest!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have two gorgeous kiddos!