Thursday, October 8, 2009

theta mom thursday

ok, so i have to catch up from last week! i had emily's field trip and wasn't able to post. so...

i went out...again! what? two weeks in a row...its true :o) my sissy, our mutual girlfriend and i went to the craft store...aah, the perfect night out!! tee hee. i spent too much, as usual...but loved seeing my girlies! we hopped from ac moore over to michaels...looove that they're so close together :oD then we just BSd in the parking lot for about 30 minutes catching up on all of the gossip. we went to high school together, so every time we get together one of us has dirt on somebody! lol it was awesome. we definitely don't do it enough, but sometimes things get in the way. i'm sure you've all been there.

this weeks time out was not as long or as fun...but it was long enough for me to paint my nails and shave my legs ;o) i caught up on a little tv after the kids were in bed, and the hubby was at the firehouse. i started crocheting a blanket for david(xmas gift)...but that seemed like work to it doesn't count for my timeout!

what did you do for yourself this week??


  1. You crafty moms know how to do those fun projects! I know what you mean about going to a craft store. I used to sew, so sometimes, going to buy fabric was so exciting because I would get excited about the project I was going to create! Sounds like a good time out to me girl! Thanks for linking up Theta Mom! :)

  2. Hi there, I found you on Theta Moms list.
    What a nice blog.
    "shave my legs" ~ now, that's funny. And although I would agree it's certainly a luxury when you have kids, I don't think it counts as "me time" LOL

    Anyway, Glad I stopped by.
    I look forward to following along with you!

  3. Ahhh shopping with out children! I'm sure it was a joy! I use to love Michaels when I lived in the states. We don't have anything nearly as lovely as that here. Least not anywhere close to me!

  4. Girly time is so important. I'm glad that you had that time! :)

  5. We relaxed and staired at our stairs! lol.. great blog!

  6. Isn't it funny how a couple of years ago, all of these Theta Mom Thursdays would have been just another day getting ready for a date or a night out? And now they are a simple hour that means SO much!

  7. Sounds like sooo much fun! I love Michaels! Never heard of AC Moore, tell me more...

    Glad to hear you had a great time shopping with your sissy and girlfriend :)

  8. It sounds like you made the most of your time out. I love crafty shops like Michaels!

  9. my bff and i have actually hugged each other in the middle of hobby lobby when after being there for a good 25 minutes, we finally realized they were having a 1/2 off sale scrapbook stickers. yes, i am pathetic!

    thanks for stopping by the crib! our cats are outside in the summer/fall so no cat liter here and then it is in the basement and if my kids are ever in the basement it is because someone has forced them there at gunpoint! - we don't have a nice shiny finished one!

  10. Hi!
    This is my first week participating in time out! I love it! Your time out is awesome! I love a good gossip session with the gals. It really is the best! I am looking forward to hearing more about your time outs! I did nightclub cardio for my time out! Come by anytime and read about it!

  11. Both of your nites sound great to me :) Craft stores? Love them! What kind of goodies did you buy yourself?