Tuesday, September 8, 2009

and so it begins

emily had her first-of hopefully not too many-tests today. we went to the children's hospital and had an EEG. it monitors her brain waves. they're checking for seizures. the doctor, however, does not think this is where our answer will lie. he's being thorough, so i can appreciate that. emily was such a rock star! she was a little squirmy while the probes were being attached-but what 3 year old wouldn't be?! normally she only lays down long enough to get her diaper changed, but i was shocked and amazed that she stayed down for almost the whole test!! we were calling her "franken-emily" she had all of these probes coming out of her head with gauze all wrapped around everything! i wish i had taken a picture! i made the executive decision to not snap away though...i'm sure it would have mortified her in 10 years!

david slept over @ aunt cindy's so we could get emily ready quickly and tear free...at the butt crack of dawn this morning. he's been crabby, but i knew that was coming. he always has his cranky pants on when he comes home...he's napping now :o)

grandparents day is this weekend. we don't normally celebrate, but i have a great gift in mind. i'll post it when its finished. my parents have been very stressed with some stuff that's been going on--i'll save that for another blog though! so i think they need a little pick-me-up. they are the greatest grandparents--and parents, so i like to make them something every once in a while to show them that they are appreciated.


  1. Glad to hear your little girl was a rockstar through the whole thing and I hope you get some concrete answers soon!

  2. Wow, what a good girl Emily was. What a trooper. I sure hope that she doesn't have to endure too many tests and that your doctors find an answer soon. Good luck, my family is thinking of yours.