Monday, September 28, 2009

she's gone and done it again

that little girl was AWESOME while getting her blood drawn today!

i'll set the scene.

i forgot that it was a holiday today, so everyone was at the hospital for tests. i heard from two hospital staffers that it was going to be "the day from hell"! great, did that mean mine was going to be as well? we sped through registration, and right into the lab waiting room. here, there was a couple with a little boy, and a daddy with his son. it was pretty quiet...special agent oso was on the huge tv...which emily had absolutely no interest in watching, she just wanted to touch the tv screen like she does at home. so there we waited, for almost 45 minutes...yep, it was going to be the day from hell. i could hear a couple of screaming kids in the background--it made me shudder, i knew emily was going to be screaming too. emily and i wandered around the waiting area, she kept bringing me closer to the tv so she could have a feel--or watch her reflection--she's so into herself sometimes!! hubby was catching up on his mickey mouse club house. a couple more little families came in. and finally just before 9am, they called emily's name. the technician asked us if she had ever had the test done before..."nope", we informed him. i think by the way we answered, he could tell we were about to crap ourselves. which in turn, made him get nervous! lovely, he's about to stick a needle in our kid's arm, and he looks oh so thrilled! i sat her in my lap, wrapped my legs around hers, held her other shoulder, and just waited for it. the tech tied on the rubber strap, cleaned her arm, and i thought "now we're in for it". i saw him open the needle, and i swear, i was going to start to cry! he stuck it in, and...NOTHING!! i softly sang the itsy bitsy spider in her ear, and we got about half way through wheels on the bus...the whole time, i wanted to jump up and dance her around the room...and then it was over! did that really just happen? we ran out of there like our pants were on fire!! she proved once again, that we completely underestimate her!! i'm such a proud mama today :oD

its been a great day! david is being good for a change. i found out that i won a giveaway, my second! so cool! and i also received two blog awards over the weekend!! really, me?! i will be returning the favor at some point this week!

last, but not least, my weigh in for the week...

last week's weight: 171 lbs
current weight: 169 lbs woot!
this weeks goal(s): eat more leafy greens, and drink more water.
i will also be getting in 4 days of the shred again this week.

its been a long, but sweet day!


  1. Wow! Way to go Emily! Isn't it amazing the things they do to surprise us?! I'm glad to hear it went well.

    Congrats on the weight loss, too!

  2. Way to go! I bet you are the proudest mama! And good job with the weight loss:)! Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. I think girls are tougher than boys. I have boy/girl twins, and the boy is such a big wuss. Glad it went well. You're doing great with the weight loss.

    I just gave you an award - come on over to collect.

  4. Wow, things are going so well for you and AWESOME job on the weight loss!!!

  5. Happy SITS Tuesday

    Dropping by to say Hi

  6. i cannot even IMAGINE that going well for me - EVER and congrats on your weight loss journey!

  7. Woooo hooooo! :) Congratulations on the easy blood draw and the weight loss. You go!

  8. What GREAT day! Good for that little girl! She showed you mama! I love seeing the number on that scale go down, keep it up girl!