Thursday, September 17, 2009

theta mom thursday!

ok. so i didn't get much time to myself this week. we're all sick. i've been up and down with david since about 2:30 this morning. i actually hear him crying again now. i'm hoping he'll go back to sleep before i need to get emily up for school. in my world, that's doubtful though :o(

so since i've been feeling like crap. i decided to take a break from crafting, and cleaning up the house. it was hard too! i have a scarf that i'm crocheting that's aaaalmost finished! so i put david down for his nap, got my favorite throw blanket, and just curled up on the couch. it really was heavenly. i'm not much of a napper, which kind of stinks, but i did feel pretty good when i got up. i got in about 45 minutes worth of couch time before i had to get emily off of the bus. i was hoping to reunite with the couch and my throw blanket after emily was up for her nap, but david had other plans for me--as usual! my mom is coming up this afternoon, then dad is meeting her here for dinner, so maybe i'll get a chance to veg again. we'll see though!!


  1. Being sick stinks. Hope you are feeling better! You can't ever under estimate some couch time! To me, if I am able to get this in is precious time well spent, and certianly qualitifes for a time out! :)

    Thanks for playing along with me! You are fabulous!

  2. You know, I used to think being sick was just so dramatic and horrible, boy I never knew how horrible it could be until I had kids. Life used to stop when we got sick, now it just goes goes goes.
    That sounds nice and comfy though, I'm glad you got at least a little recharge.

  3. Being sick is awful..Hope you all feel better soon Tina!
    Take care

  4. sorry to hear that you're sick..hope you'll get better..glad to see that your nap helped you to
    recharge! Happy Theta Mom Thursday..God Bless:)