Saturday, September 12, 2009

the never ending day

wow was yesterday long!! david ran me around like it was nobody's business! he took two 1 ish hour long naps, but it felt like i didn't have a break all day! he also didn't seem rested at.all. by the time hubby got home, i had all i could do to drag my butt off of the couch to make the kids some mac n cheese for dinner. they must hate fridays...they probably know they're gonna get some crap meal served by an exausted crazy lady!

here was the best part of my whole day--and i do mean that one point we were sitting on the floor playing. my darling hubby has this habit of leaving his lap top in various places of the room--usually where david can reach it. so david managed to wiggle the mouse out(the regular kind that you use for a regular computer-hubby has big paws and hates those lap top mice!)--which was fine by me, at least he wasn't playing with the lap top...and deep down i'd like to teach hubby a lesson for leaving it laying around--so i didn't care if the mouse got broken! yeah well, david made me care after he came running in for a big hug, tripped and launched the mouse into my eye to be exact! ugh! david felt bad too, so i couldn't really be mad @ was an accident. but WAIT, there's more! about an hour later, we were making a card for granparents day. i was writing with those crayola markers, and david wanted one so badly. i couldn't take it anymore!! i checked to make sure the caps were on tight, and gave him a few. after about 2 seconds, he wasn't satisfied with that, he wanted me to stack them. ya know, end to i was like, ok, they're not that easy to get apart, so he'll be occupied for a wrong!! as i was placing him on the floor he managed-in record time-to get two of the markers cracked me right on the bridge of the nose! i cried...oh it hurt like a mother! i was trying not to fling every cuss word i had ever learned, after all, it was an accident--right? not too long after this incident, i made a rare glance into a mirror, and realized that i had a couple of black eyes forming...WTH?! i was dreading waking up this morning. i thought it would look like i'd lost a boxing match--with my 16 month old! thankfully, there are just two small bruises on the inner corners of my eyes, barely noticable...thank goodness!! i'm just hoping they don't do as bruises usually do, and get worse!!! ugh i'm ready for a new day!!

we're taking emily for bloodwork for the genetic testing today. i'm trying to think happy thoughts...maybe she won't scream too much! i'm doing my deep breathing already, and we don't have to be there till 11:00!! wish us luck!!

oh, and this was how i found david after waking up from one of his naps yesterday...i guess he was feeling too sexy for his least he wasn't feeling too sexy for his diaper!!!


  1. cute photo!!

    Stopping by from SITS to wish you a great weekend!!

  2. Oh no! That does sound like a really long day! I hope the bruises don't stay around or darken!

  3. Happy Saturday Sharefest!! What a day!! Hope the bruises go away soon. Too funny.. feeling too sexy for his shirt LOL!

  4. I love that photo:) Its too cute!

  5. So sexy it hurts! Oh, that song brings back so many memories. I feel your pain. I often know what it feels like to be a human punching bag. Not that the punches are intentional, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day...

  6. What a cute photo! Have a sweet Sunday!