Friday, September 11, 2009


today, i will squeeze my kids a little tighter, and kiss my hubby a little longer. i know that there are many people who no longer have that special person to squeeze or kiss today. they will have to relive this day as if it were yesterday, and my heart hurts for them. i hope after 8 years that maybe a small piece has begun to heal, but also realize that a hurt like that doesn't just go away.

i also want to remember how this country came together in the wake of such tragedy. strangers embraced each other. tearful eyes locked, and no words needed to be spoken. the flags hung proudly.

i want to mention my cousin. who on this day, at the age of 17, is graduating from boot camp. she has spent her entire summer--before her senior year of high school-- training for the army. she will come home this weekend, start her last year of school, then return to the army and complete her training. she wants to become a nurse. i am so proud of this girl! at 17 i didn't know what i wanted to be when i "grew up"...she decided to go into the army and follow her dreams. happy graduation amy...we are all so proud of you!!


  1. Good Morning Tina,
    I found you through SITS and I wanted to say that you have a lovely blog. Also a big congrats to your cousin. She seems like an amazing young woman and can see why you are so proud!
    It's incredible how there are maybe a handful of days that I can remember in great detail. They are mostly happy. 9/11 is the exception. I recall so much, in such detail. I know that many others do too.

  2. Thanks for your comment!! So sweet! I just want to be out of diapers!! I just have to think positive!!

  3. Interesting the nature of people when faced with such tragedy. It was a tragic day!

    Thanks for stopping by blog and for the follow.

  4. I wish her the best!

    just stopped by to say hi from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

  5. Happy Saturday Sharefest, have a great weekend!