Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend recap

emily's blood work was a bust :o( apparently one lab is not affiliated with the other, so they could not to the test. ugh, i wish the dr had told us that...rather then say just take her to the lab for the blood work. annoyed. i have to now fax the paperwork, and someone will come to the house for free. so at least we won't have to drag her out of the house now. we met up with my parents who-had david, and took the kids to lunch. then we took a stroll in walmart...mistake. of course we had to pick up a few items. emily and david where getting tired/antsy, so the men took them outside while my mom and i stayed to pay. ok, you would have thought it was december 24th! the lines were outrageous! i really did need the few items i had, otherwise i would have just left. oh it sucked. then i got the phone call from the men folk wondering where we were at. hubby and david had appts at 2:00 for haircuts, and we were starting to push it. and damn it--they WERE getting their hair cuts!! fiiinally, a break! they opened up another lane, and i was next to go! i moved my ass quickly, because i know how these line jumpers can get. i finally got out of there. i was supposed to head back home with my parents and emily while hubby and david went for the haircuts. however, my husband panicked, and didn't know what he was going to do with david when it was his turn. ugh, so off i went with them. hubbys sure know how to throw a wrench in things!

sunday was pretty uneventful. the kids were good. honestly, it was kind of a blur!! haha. i'm not sure why, i wasn't drinking or anything. ah, good 'ole mommy brain! i do remember that david helped hubby fix the screen on the door(a bear had tried to come in, like, in may!) yes, so 4 months later, its fixed. gotta love it. and hubby finally hung up my shelf in the laundry room. so now i'm getting that organzied. pics to come when i'm finished.


  1. sounds like a productive weekend!

    why is it that men are terrified of being alone with the kids?

  2. Yay, to getting organized! Love it; give some points to the hubby!!!